CS88 uses a program called ok to test and submit homework assignments, labs, and projects.

Every programming assignment will include a .zip archive that contains the following:

  • Starter code
  • A copy of ok

After extracting the contents of the archive, you can begin your assignment.

Signing in with OK

To get started, open your terminal, and cd into the right directory (you should see a file called ok when you ls in the right directory).

Try the following command:

python3 ok

This runs the tests (don't worry if the tests fail at first; you haven't written code yet!).

The first time you run ok, you will be asked your bCourses email address.

Make sure you use your bCourses email address. We use this email address to post grades on bCourses.

After typing in your email, your web browser will open an authentication page. Click "Accept" to authenticate ok.

Wrong email?

If you typed your email incorrectly, you can re-authenticate with the following command:

python3 ok --authenticate

Testing with OK

After writing some code, you can test your code with ok in various ways.

Test specific questions

To test a specific question, use the -q option with the name of the function:

python3 ok -q <function>

Test all questions

You can run all the tests with the following command:

python3 ok

Display all tests

By default, only tests that fail will appear. If you want to see how you did on all tests, you can use the -v option:

python3 ok -v

Test locally

If you do not want to send your progress to our server or you have any problems logging in, add the --local flag to block all communication:

python3 ok --local

Submit assignment

When you are ready to submit, run ok with the --submit option:

python3 ok --submit

After submitting, ok will display a submission URL, with which you can view your submission on okpy.org.

Viewing submissions

You can go to okpy.org to check your submissions and backups. Make sure you sign in with your bCourses email.


I can't authenticate!

  • Double check your internet connection.
  • ok is known to have problems on Airbears. If you're on campus, try using Airbears2

Adding partners on okpy.org

This video walks through adding partners on okpy.org.