If you need to contact course staff privately, please make a private question on Ed or email cs88@berkeley.edu rather than emailing individual members of staff.


Michael Ball Photo

Michael Ball [he/him]

Office Hours: See Calendar, usually Mon 4pm


Head Teaching Assistants

Anjali Gurajapu Photo

Anjali Gurajapu [she/her]

Office Hours: TBD


Hi! I'm Anjali, and I'm a senior studying Chemistry and Data Science. In my (limited) free time, I like drawing, baking, and jigsaw puzzles. Looking forward to meeting you all, and reach out anytime! :)

Hetal Shah Photo

Hetal Shah [she/her]

Office Hours: TBD


Hello! I am a senior studying CS. I am from Redondo Beach (it is mentioned in the Beach Boys song Surfin' USA), and I love the beach a lot. I am currently rereading all of the Ranger's Apprentice books, and my favorite grocery store is Berkeley Bowl. I can't wait to meet all of you! Feel free to ask me questions about anything!

Teaching Assistants

Amit Sant Photo

Amit Sant [he/him]

Office Hours: TBD


Hello! My name is Amit, and I am a senior studying computer science. I am super excited to be teaching this course during my last semester as an undergrad, and I hope that we can make it something special. In my free time, I like to learn more about history, city planning, and transportation, though to be honest I just obsess whatever wikipedia rabbit hole I get sucked down for the week. I also love playing League of Legends, and I am a big fan of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Christine Zhang Photo

Christine Zhang [she/her]

Office Hours: TBD


Hi! I'm Christine and I'm a 2nd year EECS major and physics minor. I love playing badminton, cooking, eating Chipotle, and occasionally watching NFL. I can beat expert minesweeper in under 3 minutes. Reach out to me anytime for anything! I'd love to meet you :)

Ethan Yoo Photo

Ethan Yoo [he/him]

Office Hours: TBD


Hello! My name is Ethan and I am a second-year Applied Mathematics and Data Science major. My favorite activities are going out with friends and exercising (soccer, tennis, and hiking). Hope I can assist you all, and look forward to meeting you!

Joanna Yoo Photo

Joanna Yoo [she/her]

Office Hours: TBD


Hi! I'm a senior studying data science from Seattle! Excited to meet you all :)

Karim Kaylani Photo

Karim Kaylani [he/him]

Office Hours: TBD


Hi everyone! My name is Karim and I'm a 3rd year CS major from Southern California. I'm super passionate about all things music whether it's playing guitar, collecting vinyls, or going to shows. I also love taking film photos, hiking, wordle, and ghibli movies. I'm very excited to be your TA this semester and meet you all, never hesitate to reach out to me about anything anytime! :)

Lukas Chang Photo

Lukas Chang [he/him]

Office Hours: TBD


Hi everyone I'm Lukas, a 4th year CS major from the south bay area. This is my fourth semester TAing for CS88 and I'm excited to meet you all! A little about me—in my free time I love making/listening to music, thrifting, and watching anime. I hope I can share my love for CS with you all!

Michelle Chen Photo

Michelle Chen [she/her]

Office Hours: TBD


hi! im michelle a sophomore studying cs+econ. some things i love doing: eating, traveling, photography/videography, baking, arts and crafts, exploring new things & ofc meeting my students. feel free to reach out :)

Mingxiao Wei Photo

Mingxiao Wei [she/her]

Office Hours: TBD


Hi there! I'm Mingxiao, a junior majoring in CS/MCB major from China. I've been on course staff for cs61a for 5 semesters and this is my first time TAing for cs88. I enjoy cooking, strolling around, and eating poke. Super excited to meet y'all (•◡•) /

Sebastian Zhao Photo

Sebastian Zhao [he/him]

Office Hours: TBD


Hiya! I'm a CS and DS double major from Erie, PA (a little town under the lake). I like making plated desserts, Chopin etudes, and impressionist art. Talk to me about anything, I love conversations about random stuff!


Angela Bi Photo

Angela Bi [she/her]

Office Hours: TBD


Aymeric Barrier Photo

Aymeric Barrier [he/him]

Office Hours: TBD


"Hi everyone! I'm Aymeric and I'm a fourth-year checked-out senior double majoring in CS and Political Science! My main goal in life is to curl up and read in bed, but I'm usually too busy for that. I'm also involved with CSM on campus, go check them out! Come talk to be about anything, I promise I don't bite (and I love being distracted from my work), especially if you're trying to figure out your major or what to do at Cal. Fun fact(s), I only discovered computer science my second year at Berkeley, I came in as a History major then thought I'd do Econ, and I was a data science major for two whole months!"

John Teng Photo

John Teng [he/him]

Office Hours: TBD


Hi, I'm John, a second year CS major from Pennsylvania. I like playing video games, soccer, and working out. Looking forward to this semester!

Karim El-Refai Photo

Karim El-Refai [he/him]

Office Hours: TBD


Big fan of robots and philosophy, and the philosophy behind robots. Really excited to get to help you all learn this sem!

Ramya Chitturi Photo

Ramya Chitturi [she/her]

Office Hours: TBD


"Hi! I’m Ramya, a sophomore majoring in CS. I enjoy sci-fi books, trivia, crosswords, rock music, museums, civic technology, and more! Excited to get to know you this semester :)"

Rebecca Dang Photo

Rebecca Dang [she/her]

Office Hours: TBD


Hey there! I'm a 2nd year EECS major from San Jose, CA. This is my first time as a tutor and I'm super excited to meet you! Besides being on course staff, at Berkeley I'm involved in CSM and Codebase. In my free time, I like to play guitar (and maybe record a few covers if I'm feeling brave) and fangirl about the latest book/movie/TV show/song I consumed. If you ever have any questions about 88, classes, clubs, or professional development, feel free to reach out :D

Sean Yang Photo

Sean Yang [he/him]

Office Hours: TBD


Hi, I'm Sean, a 2nd year Data Science Major from LA. I enjoy playing games, taking walks, and talking to new people. Looking forward to meeting you all!