If you need to contact course staff privately, please make a private question on Ed or email cs88@berkeley.edu rather than emailing individual members of staff.


Michael Ball Photo

Michael Ball [he/him]

Office Hours: See Calendar, usually Weds 4pm

cs88@berkeley.edu & ball@berkeley.edu

Head Teaching Assistants

Ethan Yoo Photo

Ethan Yoo [he/him]

Office Hours: Wed 10-11 AM, Thu 11 AM - 12 PM


Third-year Applied Mathematics + Computer Science major. The only reason why I'm a math double is so I can avoid taking CS70 >_<.

Rebecca Dang Photo

Rebecca Dang [she/her]

Office Hours: Tue 4-5 PM, Thu 11 AM - 12 PM


Hey there! I'm a 3rd year EECS major from San Jose, CA. This is my 3rd semester on course staff and I'm super excited to meet you! Feel free to chat with me about 88, classes at Berkeley, professional development, Computer Science Mentors, guitar, books, movies, TV, music, and more :D

Teaching Assistants

Angela Bi Photo

Angela Bi [she/her]

Office Hours: Thu 7-8 PM


Hello! I'm Angela and I'm a junior majoring in Data Science and minoring in Political Economy from the bay area. In my free time, I like illustrating for the Daily Cal, playing volleyball, listening to music, and watching anime. Feel free to reach out and looking forward to a great semester!!

John Teng Photo

John Teng [he/him]

Office Hours: Thu 5-7 PM


Hi, I'm John, a third year CS major from Pennsylvania. I like playing video games, soccer, and working out. Looking forward to this semester!

Karim El-Refai Photo

Karim El-Refai [he/him]

Office Hours: Tue 2-3 PM, Wed 7-8 PM


Fan of robots and philosophy and the philosophy behinds robots and soon the robots behind philosophy, but not the philosophy of the philosophy of robots but in fact the robots for the robots of philosophy. If you are confused, don't worry so am I :D

Liliana Gonzalez Photo

Liliana Gonzalez [she/her]

Office Hours: Tue 4-5 PM


hi!! my name is lily and i am a third year from sacramento, ca. i love listening to music, shopping, drinking coffee, and going to concerts. please feel free to reach out with any questions - i'm looking forward to meeting you all! :)

Michelle Chen Photo

Michelle Chen [she/her]

Office Hours: Wed 10-11 AM


im michelle, cs+econ junior from singapore. i<3 traveling, eating, snowboarding, photography and my students :D

Ramya Chitturi Photo

Ramya Chitturi [she/her]

Office Hours: Wed 11 AM - 12 PM


Hi! I'm Ramya, a junior majoring in CS and linguistics. I enjoy sci-fi/fantasy books, crosswords, rock music, museums, civic technology, and more! Excited to get to know you this semester :)

Sean Yang Photo

Sean Yang [he/him]

Office Hours: Tue 12-1 PM


Hi my name is Sean, I'm a third year studying data science. Nice to meet you!


Christy Quang Photo

Christy Quang [she/her]

Office Hours: Thu 6-8 PM, Fri 9-11 AM


Hi hi! My name is Christy and I'm a third year CS & DS major from the East Bay. In my (limited) free time, I enjoy destroying people in Word Hunt, watching basketball (Warriors), listening to kpop and eating fruit! Excited for a fun semester in 88 and always feel free to reach out :D

Meng-Han Wu Photo

Meng-Han Wu [he/him]

Office Hours: Tue 2-5 PM


Hi! I am Meng-Han, or Ethan, and I am a third year studying computer science. Super excited to meet you all this semester!

Miha Bhaskaran Photo

Miha Bhaskaran [she/her]

Office Hours: Tue 11 AM - 1 PM and 2-4 PM


Hello hello! I'm Miha, a third year studying data science from the bay area. In my free time I love playing card games, critiquing all forms of media and going on spontaneous road trips. Looking forward to a fulfilling semester :)

Morgan Dehdashti Photo

Morgan Dehdashti [she/her]

Office Hours: Wed 5-8 PM


Hi! My name is Morgan and I'm a junior from socal majoring in Data Science and MCB. Looking forward to a great semester!

Nicholas Chae Photo

Nicholas Chae [he/him]

Office Hours: Thu 5-8 PM


Hi! My name is Nicholas Chae, or Nico, and I am a third-year studying Data Science. I am from the Bay Area and in my free time I like to listen to music, watch movies, talk politics, and play tennis and soccer. Excited to meet you all!

Richik Pal Photo

Richik Pal [he/him]

Office Hours: Thu 6-8 PM, Fri 9-11 AM


Hey! I'm a sophomore studying Computer Science & Biology from Mumbai, India. In my free time, I like to play tennis, read novels (while sipping coffee!!) and go kayaking. Excited to meet everyone!

Satleen Gill Photo

Satleen Gill [she/her]

Office Hours: Tue 11 AM - 12 PM and 3-4 PM, Wed 5-7 PM


Hello! My name is Satleen. I'm a second year majoring is Data Science and Computer Science from Sonoma County, CA. I love listening to music, reading, day trips, and being with friends. I'm excited for an amazing semester! <3