If you need to contact course staff privately, please make a private question on Ed or email cs88@berkeley.edu rather than emailing individual members of staff.


Eric Kim Photo

Eric Kim [he/him]

Office Hours: Mon 4pm - 5pm

cs88@berkeley.edu & ekim555@berkeley.edu

Hi! I'm Eric. I did my undergrad at UC Berkeley in computer science (2011), then did a Master's at UCLA (2016) focusing in ML/AI and computer vision. I work at Pinterest on the Visual Search team as a machine learning engineer, working on the entire ML stack including: modeling, serving, and big-data pipelines. I recently moved to Fullerton, CA and am loving it! For fun, I enjoy playing music (piano, guitar, bass, vocals), video games, and pickleball.

Head Teaching Assistant

John Teng Photo

John Teng [he/him]

Office Hours: Mon 5pm - 6pm, Wed 4pm - 5pm


Hi, I'm John, a third year CS major from Pennsylvania. I like playing video games, soccer, and working out. Looking forward to this semester!

Teaching Assistants

Mia Lopez Photo

Mia Lopez

Office Hours: Tues 11am - 12pm, Thurs 11am - 12pm


ā€ hello! My name's Mia and I'm a 3rd year studying CS! Some of my favorite artists are Childish Gambino, Chappell Roan, and Sabrina Carpenter. My favorite movies are Arrival and Lego Batman, but I also have a thing for Wes Anderson movies! This is my 3rd semester teaching, so feel free to reach out whenever! ā€

Naveen Nathan Photo

Naveen Nathan [he/him]

Office Hours: Mon 2pm - 3pm, Wed 2pm - 3pm


Hi everyone! I am Naveen, a rising 4th year CS major. I love to hike and bike in my free time. I look forward to working with you all this summer!

Satleen Gill Photo

Satleen Gill [she/her]

Office Hours: Mon 11am - 1pm


Hello! My name is Satleen. I'm a third-year majoring in Data Science and Computer Science from Sonoma County, CA. I love listening to music, reading, day trips, and being with friends. I'm excited for an amazing summer! <3


Jiayi Li Photo

Jiayi Li [she/her]

Office Hours: Tues 5pm - 6pm, Wed 5pm - 6pm


Hi! Iā€™m Jiayi, a senior studying Statistics and Data Science. I love photography, traveling, and road trips! Looking forward to meeting you all and enjoying this summer!

Mira	Wagner Photo

Mira Wagner

Office Hours: Wed 11am - 1pm


Hi! I am a sophomore planning to major in data science/statistics and linguistics. I love reading, especially mysteries, swimming and baking! Excited for this semester :)